Year of the Monkey

Off The Cuff: Year of the Monkey

We began 2016 by hitting the road hard. A run through Ohio followed by the SHOT show in Vegas, a week in Quebec and finally, as we write this we’re on our way back to Headquarters from our office in Mexico. At times it’s a difficult concept to grasp when thinking that we’re beginning our 18th year in business. 2015 was a year that brought many exciting new projects and relationships into our corporate family. Extending our distribution reach across the Atlantic has been the most obvious area of growth, but when I look under the covers so much more has happened that excites us.

In November of 2015 our Mexico Company (Exportaciones PSC) opened a brand new facility in Aguascalientes. Bright new offices and a state of the art warehouse facility allows us more control of our raw materials as well as increased quality assurance levels and increased supply chain flexibility. The commitment to North American production centres ranks high in reasons for our continued success. Global economics, supply chain sustainability and social compliance concerns continue to be front and center with respect to our company’s value proposition. We can’t say enough about our operation in Aguascalientes and how proud we are of Hilda and her team and what they have accomplished.

This month saw the launch of one of our most exciting client driven programs yet: The Cobmex Dealer Partnership Program. This initiative is the result of developing programs and resources that will support our dealer’s sales and marketing efforts. Be sure to contact us to discover the ways we can continue to add value to your business. This program will be made available to all of our Cobmex dealers and distributors.

Our UK office has hit the ground running in 2016. Our new warehouse facility in Epping is now up & running allowing UK & EU distributors to experience the world class quality of our garments as well as our world famous customer service. James and his team in London have brought a refreshing new perspective (and some pretty cool accents) to our growing team. It is so satisfying watching the way everyone interacts and seeing the overall added 2 way value between continents. The accents and cultures may differ but the value proposition is always the same.

Not only are there new additions to our international distribution network but we have also boosted our sourcing team with a new and stronger Shanghai based initiative. We could also tell you about newly developed sources in Eastern Europe and South Asia but our media gurus warn us of information overload. As you can tell, we’re as excited as we’ve ever been about what we do and hope we can share with you, how it all unfolds in real time.

Keep an eye on this space for anything we might believe to be interesting or newsworthy. There may also be times we just want to let off some steam and share some of our challenges, insights and amusing stories. We would also like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy & healthy year of the Monkey. The year of the Monkey is usually characterized by activity and intellect so let’s all stay on our toes!

Gong Xi Fa Cai

– Phil & Jon

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