Faster, Higher, Stronger!

The Olympics are a momentous event that brings the world together in camaraderie, competition, and the pursuit of excellence.

The official Olympic motto is “Faster, Higher, Stronger.”  This motto has been resonating with us and inspiring thoughts about how we can achieve excellence and strive to be number one.

At Cobmex, we now have a truly global perspective, and we are treating our world-wide adventures like we too are training for the Olympics. Through hard work and dedication, we became Number One in North America, but now our goals are set even higher, as we strive to be the best in the world.

We decided to adapt the famous Olympic Motto as our own, and believe it is a great framework to focus our efforts.


We continue to strive for expediency with our customer’s orders. We know our customers have deadlines to meet themselves, and we want to make their job as easy as possible. That’s why we accept PO’s within 24 hours of receiving them, and can often ship in-stock items the same day. We are also constantly communicating with our production teams to expedite backorders so even when we run out of stock, you’ll be able to fulfill your commitments on time.


Although you probably won’t find any of us pole-vaulting in our spare time, the Cobmex team constantly strives to heighten our customers’ experience. The gold medalists in that arena are without a doubt our world-class customer service team,  who will jump over any hurdle to make your experience with us a great one.


We make uniform sweaters that are worn and worked in every single day. That’s why we only use our proprietary Durapil™ and Durapil ULTRA™ yarns in our stock products. Rigorous independent laboratory tests have proven that Durapil™ yarns outperforms other pill resistant yarns in both pilling and abrasion tests. Put simply, stronger yarns make stronger sweaters, and stronger sweaters look better, feel better, and perform better.


We encourage everyone to be inspired by these Olympic Games, and always aim to go Faster, Higher, and Stronger!

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