Cobmex knows that our dealers are responsible for our success in the marketplace. It's why we are 100% committed to partnering with our dealer network. It's why we ONLY sell through dealers. - 100% of the time. It's why our customer service and account teams are empowered to "Make it Happen" for our dealers every day. It's why we have developed tools and resources to support their sales and marketing efforts.

It's also why we've developed the Cobmex Dealer Partnership Program featuring:

  1. Discounted samples and sample return privileges

  2. DesignAssist - our free design service for custom projects

  3. Exclusive Partner Promotions

  4. Dealer Lead Distribution*

  5. Sponsored Dealer Pay-per-Click programs*

*must meet qualifying sales levels.

It's why we say, At COBMEX, a better sweater is only the beginning.

Contact us to activate your membership and begin receiving the benefits today.