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Do Uniforms Influence Employee Performance and Happiness?

The short answer to that question is, yes. Studies have shown that there is a correlation between uniforms and an employees job performance. Think about it, if you had to wear service or work uniforms that made you uncomfortable how would you perform on your day to day? Stylish and well made uniforms will also change a customers initial perception. ‘At Cobmex we provide style driven designs that help build that image. We accomplish this by combining advanced yarn and manufacturing processes with the high quality production standards.’

Identification Leads To Better Business
When you walk into a store, board a flight, step into a car dealership, or go to a restaurant, employees who dress similarly in uniform are easy to identify at that specific business. When a customer can quickly approach the employees then this may lead to a potential increase in sales and security in the work place. Uniform translates to a sense of devotion and will likely improve performance when you’re dressed for your duty.

Unified Employees Work Together For The Same Goal
Beyond making a lasting first impression, employees who wear uniforms feel a sense of pride and unity with their colleagues and this will lead to an enhanced work atmosphere. According to Superior Uniform Group, ’70 percent of customers feel employees in uniforms look neater and more professional’. Furthermore, when everyone is dressed the same than they feel equal and no lesser than anyone else in the work place.

Uniform Durability
When an outfit is carefully designed and constructed with the right materials, it will create a long lasting result. An itchy or poor fitting uniform can be bothersome for an employee, reducing their productivity so this area is important to take into consideration.
Some workers are wearing these uniforms up to 5 times a week making it essential to provide sweaters that perform, wear after wear and wash after wash, so that people can wear them with pride. Our own experienced design team is always available to add value, and conducts non-stop research with a close eye on the High Street. Regardless of your knitwear needs, Cobmex will always deliver an unparalleled final product.

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