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Meet our VP of Finance and Operations, Ernest Fernandes

Get to know the incredible team at Cobmex through these fun behind the scenes interviews.

What is your position at Cobmex — VP Finance and Operations

How long have you been working at the company? – 7 Years

What makes Cobmex unique from other businesses? — The culture and the motto of ALWAYS putting the customer first, as well as enjoying work.

What makes a great uniform? – Well made clothing with a sense of style and durability.

Tell us about an accomplishment you are particularly proud of? – Being involved in the overall growth of the company especially on the finance side of the business.

What do you love most about the office culture? — Great bunch of people to work with, diverse in age, background and temperament but collectively forming a Whole. The diversity is very special to me.

Who is your role model? — My Yoga teacher.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now? — Working half of the year in Cobmex Mexico (PSC) to grow the supplier base and our overall strength in Mexico on which the company was founded.

How do you overcome challenges in your industry? — By being innovative and open to change, which is the only constant.

Tell us something interesting about yourself that perhaps other colleagues don’t know! — I have known Phil for 33 years, we started our working careers together and our kids are about the same ages, we have seen them grow up and I think we are both in a good space in life.

Our paths diverged for a while but have come together for which I am grateful.
I have learnt much about the uniform business, and continue to learn something new every day. It is a super ride to be on.

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