Helping our partners and customers win

Our customers are uniform dealers and distributors. We serve them by providing the products they need and adding value to their sales and marketing initiatives. Our Dealer Partnership Program includes discounted samples, sample return privileges, a free design service for custom projects, exclusive promotions and lead collaboration. We focus on helping our network to win, service and retain their customers. At Cobmex, we understand the value of strategic partnerships. After all, as a sweater manufacturer we know something about tight-knit bonds.



In our world, one size does not fit all

That’s true in sweaters and in service. Competitive pricing, ample inventory of catalog items and a nimble production process are just the start. There is also the Cobmex attitude; we do what we say, finish what we start and stand in front of our products. That means we’ll always work together to solve any issue, meet any specification or expectation and respond to requirements. The people we serve have diverse needs. Cobmex makes it a priority to truly understand these needs and offer a custom-fit solution. Our dealers and their end users are not just clients; they’re our partners.