What is beautifully technical?


A uniform sweater is part of a corporate brand. At Cobmex we provide style driven designs that help build that image. We accomplish this by combining advanced yarn and manufacturing processes with the highest quality production standards. The result? Sweaters that perform, wear after wear and wash after wash, so that people can wear them with pride. Always. We call it beautifully technical.


Style-savvy design that really works

In the uniform trade, designs have to work for the customer. Cobmex delivers designs that work whether custom-tailored or off-the-shelf. • We execute custom programs by collaborating closely with a customer’s internal designers. Our own experienced design team is always available to add value, and conducts non-stop research with a close eye on the High Street. • Our off-the-shelf catalog items cover any basic requirement and are in-stock 24/7. Regardless of your knitwear needs, Cobmex will always deliver an unparalleled final product.


Advanced materials equal proven results


Are sweaters technical products? We think so. Cobmex uniform sweaters incorporate specialized properties and an advanced process for superior results.

  • Cobmex Durapil™: We start with a long-staple acrylic yarn, which is twisted in a ring- spun fashion. The result is a material that’s stronger and will have less pilling.

  • Durapil Ultra™: Made with a low-tenacity fibre that eliminates pilling. Soft to the touch, with a drape that lends itself to more fashionable construction. Pills naturally fall away, maintaining the look and improving the texture over time.

Independent tests prove how Durapil™ and Durapil Ultra™ outperform other yarns in feel and durability.


Proven performance in the workplace

Our sweaters have to work in various markets. Cobmex makes knitwear to suit the demands of each unique job setting. We rigorously test every lot of yarn that we use so that we know it will perform. We also listen to our clients, drawing on their feedback in design. We translate that knowledge into improvements such as reinforced elbows for transit drivers, or specific yarn blends for our corporate customers that won’t snag in their work environment. For any use, Cobmex has a solution.