A better sweater begins with better yarns

Cobmex Durapil™ is a treatment applied to high quality acrylic yarn for superior durability and pill-control. Independent tests show that Durapil™ by Cobmex outperforms other leading pill-control fabrics. Working very diligently with the leading North American chemo-textile producers we started with a long staple acrylic yarn. A long staple yarn will always perform better than a short staple, which is currently being used in the uniform market. Long staple performs better because the fiber is longer and in the spinning process, the yarn is twisted in a ring spun fashion. The result is Durapil™. By virtue of this process alone, Durapil™ is stronger and will have less pilling.
Durapil Ultra™ by Cobmex is the most technologically advanced anti-pilling treatment applied to acrylic yarn. Rigorous lab tests and market research have shown unprecedented durability and pill-control which result in garments that last longer and continue to feel great. Following the wash/care instructions of these garments will ensure their long lasting quality, wear after wear and wash after wash. That's the Cobmex assurance.

FAQ's about yarn:

What is pilling?

Pilling occurs when fibers break away from a ply of yarn and remain attached (as tiny "pills") to the fabric by strands of ply fibers. This is usually the result of a shorter, stronger fiber, which won't allow the "pill" to break away and fall off the fabric.

Do all fabrics pill?

To some degree, particularly knit fabrics, there is also a co-relation between the gauge (the size and weight of the actual knit) and the amount a garment pills. Usually the higher the gauge of the knit (size and weight of the fabric) the greater the inclination of that fabric to pill. Through proper care and the utilization of some of the newer, advanced yarn and fabric technology, it is possible to own a garment that will maintain its shape and appearance over a long period of time.

Is there something I can do to ensure that my garment won't pill?

The most important thing is to carefully follow the wash-care instructions found in each garment. If you launder a number of articles together, ensure that each is colour-fast (does not bleed dyestuff) and does not produce an unusual amount of lint. Some fabrics (such as acrylic), create more static than others and will naturally attract lint and fibers from other items in your laundry. (Tip: Always turn garments inside out before laundering).

For superior durability and pill-control be sure your sweaters are made with Durapil™ or Durapil Ultra™ by Cobmex. Independent tests show that Durapil™ and Durapil Ultra™ by Cobmex outperform other leading pill-controlled fabrics. Cobmex garments made with Durapil™ or Durapil Ultra™ resist pilling and retain their shape wash after wash, while actually improving the look and feel over time.