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The Uniformer – A talk with Phil Newman, CEO of COBMEX®

The Uniformer spoke with Phil about leadership, motivating employees, and keeping the COBMEX® corporate culture front and center in everything he does. Phil shares his story of how the uniform industry pulled him in after a number of years in the fashion world and he has not looked back.

In 1998, we had an idea that would eventually become a mission – to develop the best uniform sweater on the market. Today, COBMEX® Apparel Inc. is the leading knitwear supplier to both the Corporate and Public Safety Uniform Industries in North America. Watch our COBMEX® story here.

As the preferred uniform knitwear manufacturer for some of the largest distributors globally, our sweaters are proudly worn across multiple industries. These include retail, restaurants, health care, government agencies, airlines, and many more.

At COBMEX®, we specialize only in knitwear and fully develop, source, and manufacture one of the uniform industry’s most challenging product categories. A desire to combine style and functionality is part of our company’s fabric. The people behind this passion, creativity, and innovation, are woven into our culture and are what make us Cobmexers. Since our founding, we made a commitment to our clients, our supply chain partners, and ourselves. Our philosophy was simple then and continues to this day.



To help our customers foster employee pride, passion, and performance.


To be the most respected provider of knitwear in the global market by enthusiastically serving our customers wherever they work or play.


To provide the best-performing knitwear to the global market, by integrating passion, design, innovation, & sustainability.

Core Values

Respect, Integrity, Accountability, Passion, Innovation.

We promise:

  • To provide prompt, open and transparent communication
  • To provide consistent quality, innovation and affordability through a commitment to production centers and supply chain partners globally
  • To respect our dealers and distributors by never bypassing the distribution network to work with an ‘end-user’
  • To maintain the highest possible environmental and social compliance standards
  • To allow compassion and benevolence to guide us daily

Following these guiding principles in our business has resulted in where we are now. Today, we have offices in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. We own USMCA approved factories in Mexico and have long-standing Smeta Pillar 4 audit approved factory partnerships in China and Cambodia. With a strong focus on social and environmental compliance and product sustainability, we continue to evolve and innovate.

Current events and those of the past 2 years has resulted in acute changes in our economy that will undoubtedly affect most industries. Ongoing re-assessment and re-evaluation are critical, but at COBMEX®, we remain steadfast in our commitments and our guiding principles. This will surely allow us; as a company, as an industry, as a nation, and globally to further evolve and follow our truths.


Through this journey with us, we hope that you’ll discover what it is to be Beautifully TechnicalTM with COBMEX®.


Thanks for visiting,

Phil Newman

President, COBMEX® Apparel Inc.

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