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Meet our Director of Sourcing and Production, Javier Romero

What is your position at Cobmex?
Director of Sourcing and Production – Americas

How long have you been working at the company?
6 years

What makes Cobmex unique from other businesses?
Cobmex is unique in many ways; the environment as well as the people who work together.

What makes a great uniform?
Besides quality, workmanship, design and performance; the people behind it.

Tell us about an accomplishment you are particularly proud of?
Keeping up with the industry and making Cobmex the leader of Uniform Sweaters Manufacturers in America.

What do you love most about office culture?
The work environment, my colleagues, multiculturalism, music, and the list goes on.

Who is your role model?
Every single person that I learn from.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?
To continue to be a part of Cobmex’s growth.

How do you overcome challenges in your industry?
By working in a team.

Tell us something interesting about yourself that perhaps other colleagues don’t know!
There are no secrets, pretty sure after 6 years, there is nothing nobody knows about me! We are like a family at Cobmex.

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