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The Role of the Uniform in the Public Safety Sector

Public Safety, First Responders, Tactical, Law Enforcement, Blue Goods… there are so many different labels that have been used to describe the product category that makes up one of the most important and impactful end user categories in the uniform industry. This sector consists of those end users at the front line of every aspect…

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The COBMEX® Team at the NAUMD Awards Banquet: Jon Edberg, Pricila Neal, and Chi Dam.

Heroes Wear Uniforms – The 2021 NAUMD Convention

Great people. Great Conference. Great industry. We are fortunate to have had the privilege to sponsor and attend the Annual North American Association of Uniform Manufacturers and Distributors (NAUMD) Conference and Exposition this year in San Diego, California. It was great to see our customers and partners feeling the positive energy of the industry in-person…

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A group of children at a BNF community in Haiti.

Barco’s Nightingales Foundation – Keeping Hope Alive

In 2008, Michael and Frida Donner of Barco Uniforms founded Barco’s Nightingales Foundation (BNF) as a tribute to the incredible work performed by nurses. Their mission is “to elevate and promote nurses and all healthcare workers while honoring the spirit of the profession by focusing on helping children.” COBMEX® is proud to be a supporter…

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COBMEX® Apparel Crew Neck Sweaters and High Fashion Runway Looks


Each year, our In-House Design & Product Development Team follows and researches the latest trends in high fashion. We know that over time, styles change. As knitwear manufacturers for many of the leading uniform suppliers globally, we’ve seen trends come and go. Serving airlines, hotels, restaurants, financial institutions, retail stores, government agencies, and more, our…

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How Corporate Uniforms Can Establish Your Company Branding

Uniforms are an important element of a company’s workforce that improve professionalism, build morale, and increase productivity. It is not unusual, however, to face some challenges when looking for the right uniform manufacturer. There are many factors that need to be considered when identifying the right supplier, and you must know how to measure and…

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COBMEX® Apparel - Global

Our Global Presence at COBMEX® Apparel

COBMEX® Apparel has developed an international presence with offices in Canada, USA, the United Kingdom, and Mexico. We offer personalized services for custom knitwear across the globe and maintain an extensive in-stock inventory of readily available garments in Toronto (Canada), Buffalo (USA), and Epping (United Kingdom). Our production facilities in Mexico comply with USMCA regulations…

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